Extreme North Dakota North of Routine Snow Experience (END-NORSE)

Saturday, January 28 2017, Fargo, ND

First year in 2017! Part of Frostival. END-NORSE will take you on a snowy run...and make you appreciate modern comforts!


Date: Saturday, 28 January 2017

Time: Checkin/register 12:30-1:15, Start 1:30 pm

Register Online: Through Jan 27 Jan 28 (race day)
END-NORSE $20 $30
Online registration closes 23:59:59.  
Youth (17 and under) save $10.
Refund Policy

Map of course:  Here. Expect future years to have more...interesting terrain. Or a completely different race. The name is ambiguous for a reason ;-)

Race will start and finish at Riverwood Park, 4707 Country Road 31, Fargo, ND.


Can you really describe any of our races with just one number? Here's what you'll be up against (in order):

  1. 5 Km run: It'll be coldest time of year, it'll be slippery/snowy/icy, and it'll be fun.
  2. Log toss: What better way to stay warm than tossing firewood? Keep tossing until you get a log into the target zone.
  3. Sled pull: Pull a weighted (40-120 lbs) sled 100 m through the snow to the finish line!

Other details:

Heated tent at the finish line full of cookies and hot cocoa. Faster racers get the opportunity to coach later finishers...or act as sled weight.

Past Races:

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