October 2011

Checkpoint tracker nationals

I'm headed to Kentucky tomorrow morning to participate in the Checkpoint tracker adventure racing national championship as part of team Yogaslackers.  If you're interested in following along, you ought to be able to do so HERE.

I raced with Yogaslackers last year to a great second place 'unofficial' finish, but an 8th place 'official' one. It was a bit of a bummer (long story), and we're hoping that this year we'll get on the podium and stay there....

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 15:01

View General layout of END-TOMBED in a larger map

Here you go race fans!  Please note that the blue line isn't actually drawn following the actual trails when it is in the trees.  The trail sections of the course will be well marked and it will be impossible to make a wrong turn without crashing into a tree or through a tape barrier.  But we'd been getting a few questions about the specifics of how the race will be routed into and out of Race HQ.  Stay tuned for more updates on when the course will be marked and possible preview rides the weekend before.  Cheers!

Look the way you feel!

It is pretty convenient that this whole END-TOMBED race thing has a halloween theme - it just seems fitting since you'll probably be feeling like pretty much like a zombie by the end. And in order to help the exterior match the interior (for those who aren't taking care of that themselves by coming in costume) we've enlisted the help of a couple of the areas most talented young face painters, Michaela and Heather. These two gals know how to lay on the gore as evident by some of their work from the recent Zombie Music Fest here in Grand Forks.
They'll be coming out to END-TOMBED between 12 and 3 on race day so you can plan to use 'getting into the halloween spirit' as an excuse to take a short break between laps or something to do while "off duty" if you're part of a team.

Michaela and Heather tell me that it only takes about 5 minutes to do a complete face (bullet holes might take a bit longer), which is just enough time to let the lactic acid flush from your exhausted body so that you can start the next lap as a reborn undead.  And at only $5, its a bargain.