January 2012

Less than four weeks to go!

Hope everyone's training is going well for the ColdAvenger Iceman!  We've now got (a little) snow and the trails at Lincoln park should be groomed and nice (at least for now), so its a good time to get in some skiing!  We'll be getting our ice augers out and determining which run course we'll use this year so stay tuned over the next couple weeks.  The other recent development is the arrival of the electronic timing system!  We spent saturday over at the warming house in Lincoln park taking it through its paces.... its pretty slick, now we just have to work out all the bugs!  Don't worry, we're planning to have a backup system in place which might not be perfect but will at least insure that the final placing is correct (which is damn important for those coming out to compete for the cash prizes and other goodies!) even in the event someone the whole thing fails.

Don't forget - if you're putting together a team or are a solo yet to register - make sure you do so by the 11th of February to make sure you get your Hydroflask on race day - these truly are the best water bottles you'll ever own! And we've still got a few of the ibex baselayers left for sale - these really are an incredible deal that you may never see again - so if you don't know what all the fuss is about with merino wool vs. synthetic (poly) fabrics, now is your chance to find out!

I Am ColdAvenger!  During the thick of it at the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek

And finally, I wanted to give a big shout out to ColdAvenger, one of our two title sponsors, for making such legit gear (not all outdoor gear companies can make this claim, by the way...).  I wore a mask during the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek last week and it played a critical role in my success at the event, allowing me to tie (with Grant Mehring, 2011's CA Iceman runner up, who also sported a mask) for third and become one of only 15 or so folks ever to finish the 64 mile footrace.  You can read about the gear i used here - might give you some ideas of what sort of stuff works up here in the winter.... you'll find some other ENDracing sponsors represented as well.




Goodies are starting to arrive from sponsors for the ColdAvenger Iceman triathlon!  I got a sweet looking snow-white puglsey frame sitting down in my basement (aren't race directors eligible for raffle prizes?), and four boxes full of custom hydroflask bottles.  As a nice surprise the awesome folks over there at HF decided to send along 8 extra bottles, but these will have to be earned with more than just the registration fee.....

2012 Iceman update

Early registration for the Iceman has come and gone - but there's still a good reason to get your act together and sign up sooner rather than later.  We've put in an order for 75 custom Hydroflask bottles - so if you plan to race and you want your bottle to bear the mark of the ColdAvenger Iceman Triathlon, you better be one of the first seventy five sign-ups!  About half of them are already spoken for, so don't wait too long!

Also, look for a racer/team list to appear on the race webpage soon so you'll be able to check out your competition soon.

In other news, we got an even better deal on the Ibex Jerseys than we thought, and so for those interested we'll pass the savings on to you!  We pre-ordered a handful that we're offering for $80 bucks (over 40% off retail) - in men's we've got 2 small, 3 medium, and 2 large, in women's we've got 2 small, 2 medium, and 1 large.  Once these are gone they'll still be available, but the price goes up to $100, as we'll have to order more.  If you're interested, just email and we'll go from there.  We'll need to have all orders in by Feb. 1st in order to get them and get them printed.