February 2012

ColdAvenger Iceman 2012 is in the books!

Results are in!  Video coming soon.  Thanks to all the amazing racers, volunteers, and wonderful sponsors!  Race report will get written soon - feel free to send us your stories/highlights of the race and we'll put 'em on here for others to enjoy!

Sponsor Love

I want to formally thank all of our sponsors (if you get a chance, make sure you thank them too!)  We have a ton of great support both from the community and even some national companies:

ColdAvenger, our title sponsor, is a perfect fit for our race.  They make the best facemask for cold weather that exists - I've used it during the Arrowhead Ultra where temps reached 40 below without wind chill, and on the Frozen Otter Ultra trek, a 100 K trail run through frozen Wisconsin in January.  They are generous doners to the event, providing cash to help keep your race fees insanely low as well as over $2000 worth of product.  Thanks guys!

Due North by Surefoot is our presenting sponsor.  These guys are local and will be out en-masse along the run course - so make sure and give em a high five as you go by.  Not only did they kick in some cash, but they've also donated a pair of their traction aids (so much better than yak trax!) for every racer -and many of you may even opt to wear em... its been warm enough to get a little melting but will be cold race morning.  Icy conditions - perfect for traction aids.

Dakota Harvest is back this year with an amazing contribution - there will be all sorts of goodies - bread, hummus and other goodies at pre-registration tomorrow night, coffee and breakfast treats on race day morning, and plenty of their famous soup, bread, and my favorite - chocolate chunk and sea salt cookies.  If i wasn't directing this thing, i think i'd sign up just for the food.  So next time you stop in to Dakota Harvest make sure you pass on your thanks to Paul, the owner - its because of him you'll be eating so well after all your hard work saturday.

We'd also like to thank Ski and Bike shop for being the place to go for bikes in Grand Forks, and for hosting the preregistration, Happy Harry's for providing the perfect accompaniment to Dakota Harvest food and ensuring pre-registration is a good time for all, and Surly for making the best winter toy you can buy, and giving us one (a frame and wheelset anyway) to give away at the race.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the little but important local sponsors who helped put together a great prize package for the event - Hydroflask, Blue Moose, Plains Chiropractic, River Cinema, BeMobile, and Dave Nord.  And of course, the wonderful cities of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks!

If i've forgotten anyone - it wasn't on purpose - i can barely keep my head on straight!  but things are coming together well.... getting excited!

Cheers -
Team ENDracing

To ski or not to Ski

Yep, ColdAvenger masks can be sexy....

That is the question.....

And it is still up in there air.  After weeks without snow, there is actually some in the forecast leading up to the ColdAvenger Iceman.  Will it be enough?

Here is where things stand - right now there is NOT enough snow for a good ski course.  All the snow is gone along the bike path and the coverage is spotty at best in the forested areas.  If we only get a trace of the white stuff, we'll go with the alternate run course (which is pretty sweet!) to start the race.

If we get the 3-4 inches at the upper end of the forecast and it sticks around, we'll try to piece together a ski course.  I know there are those among you rooting for both options - we'll do our best to keep the skiing around, but are confident everyone will have a good time regardless.

and the good news is, it looks like you'll still be sledding (:

Results are in!

The illustrious trilogy of events that make up the Grand Forks Winter Series

Results?  What results?!

The results from the first race of the winter series of course!  The Frozen Feat lived up to its hype, drawing great competition and nearly 400 racers, despite sub-zero starting temps.  MBK, ENDracing's tech guru has  dutifully compiled the results from that race to give you the winter series standings thus far....

please note - if you don't see your name and you raced the FF, don't worry - as per the points schedule, every runner got points just for participating and if you do more than one event we will add your name to the standings at that time.

Next up - UND cycling and the Blue Moose present Bikecicle!  A great reason to get your bike out in preparation for Iceman!!!!


Yes you can!

where oh where are all the hard-women of our community?  Have they all gone away, looking for tougher challenges?  Its not even going to be that cold this year!!!

Come on ladies!!! Last year there were eight of you that braved -20 degree temps to toe the starting line in the solo category.  And I'm betting its going to be a full 40 degrees warmer come 9am on Feb 25th this year....

Don't let the guys have all the fun! Besides, right now only one of the two gals signed up as a Yeti (or Yeti-ess?) also did the frozen feat - the first race in the winter series.  If she doesn't get more competition from some of the other competitors that ran last weekend she's going to be sooooo bored on race day!  And speaking of the frozen feat - that race was cold - and since my gut tells me we're going to be putting on a duathlon - it also served as damn good training!

Lets get registered girls!

patagonia expedition race

Video trailer from the 2011 race

Dreaming about adventure while living vicariously through others as they do crazy stuff is often the only catalyst we need to actually take the step to sign up for our own crazy adventure or race.

Lucky for you - amidst all the happenings in the world this week is the running of the 10th anniversay of 'the last wild race' - a 10 day adventure race in the bowels of Patagonia.  My brother Jason, his wife, and a couple of former students of mine are down there racing against some of the nuttiest, baddest a*# folks in the world.  And right now they are right with the leaders and defending champions, a team from England.

Their team is Gear Junkie/Yogaslackers.

Sam Salwei, who some of you met last year during the 24 hour adventure race (he was the dreadlocked videographer) is down there (on team Four Continents) as well.

So as you sit down to your morning cup of coffee make sure to check out their progress.  And dream about your next big adventure (Hint - check out the ENDracing calendar if you can't remember when it is....)

Preliminary Iceman Schedule

Sunday, Feb 18th:  Course format will be chosen (duathlon vs triathlon) based on snow-cover and weather forecast.

Thurday, Feb 23rd, midnight:  Online registrations close

Friday, Feb 24th - 6 pm - 9 pm:  Early packet pick up at Ski and Bike.  We encourage all racers that are in town to come in to Ski and Bike on friday!  Fill out your waiver, pick up your goodies, get your chip and number, ask any questions, and get any last minute supplies/race food at Ski and Bike (all registered racers will get 15% off all purchases during this time (excluding bikes and ski packages).

Saturday, Feb 25th -

  •  6:30 am - 8:00 am:  race day registration.  Closes promptly at 8:00 am!
  • 6:30 am - 8:00 am:  race day check in for preregistered racers who didn't make friday night.
  • 6:30 am - 8:30 am: race day check in for racers that picked up packets friday night. 
  • 8:30: Pre-race briefing
  • 9 am (approx):  Race start.

The Inevitable Question

2010 Iceman runner

Yes we know the snow is melting.  But have no fear - there will indeed be an iceman.  If all the snow is gone then it may even be more fun, if such a thing is possible.  The tentative back-up plan for the case where there simply isn't enough snow to justify cross country skiing, is change the event to a duathlon - Run-Bike-Run.  We will design two separate running courses - both just as full on and exciting as you'd expect the one to be.  No one will get bored, we promise.  And remember - if there is no snow and it is above freezing on race day.... well all i can say is that we're going to have to re-name this baby the MUDMONSTER or something.  Bring it ON!

Clarification about the Ibex Jerseys

Anyone wanting to take advantage of the discount on Custom Iceman Ibex Shak Jerseys needs to let me know by Feb. 11th!  

There are 7 left at $80 (retail 135) - 2 men's medium and 1 men's large, 1 womens small, 2 women's medium, and one woman's large.  Shoot me an email and i'll set one aside and let you know where to send a check.  
Once the seven are gone we can still get more but the price goes up to $100 (we got a smoking deal on the first batch that we ordered!). 
Cheers - Andy