October 2012

Next Year...

Well folks - I've got at least one more good year in me I think.  I mean i may also have a couple of decades left in me, so don't start panicking or anything... what i'm trying to say is that i've decided to commit again to a full series of events in 2013 and see where it goes.  2012 was pretty exhausting as i tried to juggle some form of more 'normal' employment with the challenges of putting on five ENDracing events, one Ground UP adventures event, developing youth programming for GUP, slogging my way through the mountains of paperwork associated with getting non-profit status, having some good adventures myself, and maintaining a (mostly) happy and fulfilling relationship with my wife and two crazy boys.

I feel pretty good about what we as a community (and that includes all of you too!) have created and am going to continue to work towards making it something that is sustainable - for me as well as everyone else involved.  Here is a glimpse forward -

looks like we'll need a bigger poster next year...
  • Late Feb - END-IT (iceman triathlon), Grand Forks, ND
  • Mid March (tentative) - END-SURE (Sandhills ultra run experience - 50K) - NEW EVENT for 2013, still pending approval.  Fargo, ND
  • Late April - END-SPAR (spring primer adventure race, 6+ hour).  Turtle River State Park
  • Mid July - END-WET (watersports endurance test).  Grand Forks, ND
  • Late August - END-AR24 (24 hr adventure race).  Walhalla, ND
  • Sept (tentative) - Uff Da mud run (5K ENDracing style obstacle run) - NEW EVENT for 2013, still pending approval.  Grand Forks, ND
  • Mid/Late October - Double feature, END-TOMBED + END-TRAILS (twelve hour mountain bike plus 12 hour trail run) - the latter would be a NEW EVENT for 2013, and is still tentative pending logistical issues.  The idea is to offer a format similar to END-TOMBED but for running.  Special prizes/recognition would go to folks capable of reaching some mileage both days. Turtle River State Park
  • Late December/early Jan - END-WAR (winter adventure rogaine, 3-6 hour) - NEW EVENT FOR 2013, still tentative, location TBD. 

Our goals won't change - provide top quality, challenging events that force people out of their comfort zone.  Make them as affordable as possible by focusing only on what matters in creating good experiences and relying on our education during years as dirt-bag climbers to keep costs down.  We favor smaller intimate races over big ones, feeling that 'our' type of adventure is served by some level of solitude; and that the sort of camaraderie that builds lasting friendships and community is harder to find when there are thousands at the start line rather than hundreds, or even dozens.  If you came out and supported our efforts in 2012 and had a good time, rest assured you'll have a great time in 2013.


END-TOMBED results!

Lindsey Gauld, Zombie Male winner, on his way to victory at 2012 END-TOMBED - photo by Tara Kenny

Lindsey Gauld, Zombie Male winner, on his way to victory at 2012 END-TOMBED - photo by Tara Kenny

See the Results HERE

GearJunkie's super racing girl challenge (@ END-TOMBED)

Chelsey Magness sporting her GearJunkie buff in Untamed New England, summer 2012.

Chelsey Magness, team GearJunkie.com/Yogaslackers pint-sized bundle of fury, is heading out from her home in Bend, Oregon, to participate in END-TOMBED.  She may be small, but she's not only gunning for the zombie women's podium, but the overall podium too.


GearJunkie.com is getting behind Chelsey by offering a custom GearJunkie Buff for any racer that can keep up with her for the whole 12 hours.

Nothing like racing with a big old target on your back,  right Chels?


First annual END-FAR

All smiles on the zipline...

Extreme North Dakota Racing, in conjunction with Ground UP adventures, hosted the first annual Family Adventure Race (END-FAR) this past weekend.  45 kids aged 3-16 and about 20 adults came out to navigate to 18 checkpoints by foot, bike, a variety of watercraft, and even zip line!  It was an awesome day and a big thanks go out to all the volunteers, the sponsors (Dakota Harvest Bakery, Ski and Bike shop, Cherry Berry, and the Grand Forks YMCA), and all the youth racers and their families  that made the event a resounding success.  Check out ENDracing photographer Wes Peck's photos and a great little video put together by Ted Bibby to get a glimpse of the action.

END-WET Revisited

Studio 1, the University of North Dakota's in house news channel, was a constant presence during END-WET.  Here are the fruits of their labors.  The more people who see this the better, as it begins to presen OUR narrative of the river, as opposed to the incorrect one that has had such a hold on the community for the memorable past.  Enjoy and share!