July 2013

Sitting Still


My wife will tell you i can't sit still and she's right.  It's not just my body though, it's my mind too.  My head is usually full of wonder and new ideas and what-if thought experiments - particulary when i'm inspired by the events and people around me.

And this weekend's event and people were, well pretty darned inspiring.  And with all that inspirational energy coursing through my mind and body, i've been pacing and wondering and what-ifing even more than usual.

So what does this mean?  It means that things are going to change a little bit for next year's END-WET.  It means that i'm going to work harder to better develop the part of the experience that was the most lacking in my mind (the finish line) and to ensure that everyone of you that finishes this race is recieved like a hero.... because really thats what you are.  

You see one of the reasons i do this is because we need heros up here.  It's a hard thing to sell kids in North Dakota on a life of adventure and endurance and the benefits of physical and mental challenges.  You guys are all my ambassadors. You guys are my muses.  So when you read what next year's race holds in store, just remember that you are partly responsible....

2014 END-WET details

  • Date - TBD.  Possibly earlier in the year so water temps are a bit colder and flows a bit higher.
  • Start location - Belmont Park/Frog Point (new start location)
  • END location - Grand Forks, ND
  • # Portages - 0
  • Distance - roughly 36 downriver miles
  • Time cutoff - TBD, a minimum of 16 hours
  • Last 5 miles very spectator friendly
  • Improved finish line atmosphere (more spectators, better food, showers, community support, fireworks?  live music?)
  • Cost - under $300/solo swimmer (includes support), cheaper if swimmer provides support.
  • Cap - 40 solo swimmers, 10 relay teams



'Go Uff Da' Photo Contest!

We want to see you going "Uff Da!"  Send us a photo of you preparing for the Uff Da Mud Run being held on September 7th and be entered to win Uff Da schwag, free entries, and social media fame.

Ole and Lena are already training.  Why aren't you?

The Rules: Send in your best "Uff Da training" photos to enter. We’ll judge on photo look and feel, originality, fun, and humor of the subject captured in action.  Bonus points for taking other mud/obstacle runs as seriously as we do.

To Submit: Do ONE of these things:

  1. Email your photos here. (mail to uffda@endracing.com if the link doesn’t work on your system).  Include a one-sentence description.
  2. Tweet your photos to @UffDaMudRun.  Make sure your account is public otherwise we won't see your entry.
  3. Post your photos on the ENDracing Facebook page.  Include a one-sentence description.

Photo Rights: You keep all rights. Submitting an image gives ENDracing the option to display the images on website and social media. NOTE: By submitting an image you are agreeing to that you are 13 years old or older and that you are able to enter contests in your jurisdiction.  You can only submit photos you have taken or have the rights to--for example, no professional photos from other races, but if your friend says you can use her photo of you to enter, that's okay.

The Prizes! We know what you want, so we're giving away free race entries to the top submissions and secret schwag items to the runners-up, as judged by the Uff Da race committee and ENDracing crew.  

Why so serious, Ole?
Lena has the right idea.

Example photos. We’re looking for your best "Uff Da" shots (and even better if they make us go "Uff Da!")

Deadline: Submit your photos here starting today. Final submissions must be made by July 31, 2013 at midnight. Good luck!