January 2014

Thanks to you….

We (ENDracing) were able to donate a whopping $10,000 to Ground UP Adventures--a local Grand Forks youth based non-profit--at the end of 2013.  The non-profit is the chosen beneficiary of any surplus our organization has at the end of the year, but we honestly never imagined we'd be able to make such a substantial contribution.  It's a good thing too--Ground UP's ambitious boat house project  needed financial support.  It had only recieved one cash grant (from the North Dakota Tourism Department) and although many in-kind donations promised to see the facility stocked to the gills, additional funding for the actual facility was sorely needed.  

We at ENDracing are all just thrilled to have been able to find such success doing what we love that we can give back in such a meaningful way.  A huge thanks to all those who have raced with us, volunteered, or just cheered us on--it is your support that makes it possible for us to support others. 

It's Winter. Send Us Your Beardcicle!

It's been a rough start to the winter for some of us, but the arctic vortex just meant conditions where primed for great beardcicle formation.  Send in your best beardcicle photos, and we'll be giving away a ColdAvenger face mask and two $25 ENDracing codes to our top three favorites.  If you don't have a beard, that's okay--we'll accept your truly epic face, balaclava, or mask frost photos as well.

To Enter: First, go outside in the cold and get a good workout in.  Only beardcicles from this season (Winter 2013-2014) will be accepted.  Entries must be received before February 1st.

  1. Give us some props by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.
  2. Send us a photo in one of three ways (we'll be watching all of them):
    1. Drop an email to matt@endracing.com with your photo and a caption (include photographer if it wasn't you).
    2. Post the photo on our Facebook page with hashtag #beardcicle.
    3. Tweet the photo to us (@ENDracing) with hashtag #beardcicle.

We here at ENDracing will pick our top three favorites, based on the epicness of the beardcicle, any associated story, and any other criteria we see fit.

Fine Print: Only beardcicles from this season (Winter 2013-2014) will be accepted.  Copyright stays with whoever took the photo, although by sending it to us you are stating that we may share photos (with attribution) on our website, Facebook page, or Twitter account in relation to this contest.  Your photos will not be used for promotional materials.  We do not share or sell information to third parties.

Photo by Wes Peck at END-IT 2013.