January 2016

Wilderman Triathlon Relay Option

Hey ENDracers!  

We hope this message finds you all well in the new year. We are getting ready for our first couple of races in 2016 with the Bikecicle fatbike race being first up on February 21. It will be starting and ENDing at Rhombus Guys Brewing Company in downtown Grand Forks. I wonder what they do at a brewing company?!? Join us to find out.
The primary purpose of this post is to let you all know that we are going to open up the infamous Wilderman to relay teams. We love the Pembina Gorge! We want as many people as possible to come up (down for our Canadian friENDs!) to experience the gorge so we’re going to open the race to relay teams of 2 or 3 racers. Think you have what it takes to swim and run, but not bike? Find a biker (or various combinations thereof)! If you are interested in joining a team, but can’t find someone of the right mindset to join you, please let us know. We can play matchmaker for you. 
Check the website at http://thewilderman.com to sign up or for more details. 
One more update is that we were able to secure Turtle River State Park as the HQ for END-SPAR!  We haven’t had an adventure race out there for a few years, so it’ll be good to be back.
As always, if any questions, please email us at joel@endracing.com or matt@endracing.com
ENDracing team
P.S. don’t forget about END-SURE on March 19!  What will mother nature give us this year?