April 2017

END-WET 2017 Guest Swimmer!

We are again very excited to announce our guest swimmer for END-WET! This year, Elaine Howley will make the trip from Boston to Grand Forks and take on the 36 mile swim in the Mighty Red River of the North!  

She was described as "…an American marathon swimmer, ice swimmer, race director and writer for U.S. Masters Swimming's SWIMMER Magazine...", among other things.  Her list of swimming accomplishments is long. Her race directing, volunteering, observing other incredible swims and crewing for other incredible swimmers is equally long. 

Elaine will give a short talk to swimmers, volunteers and spectators on the Friday evening before the race and we hope you’ll help us welcome her to North Dakota. 

Welcome Elaine! 

P.S. Elaine can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.