February 2023

END-SURE registration bump on March 1st (and some tidbits)

Hey folks, here's a few updates below. As always, reply back if you have something to say. --END Crew

# END-SURE April 1

Quick reminder about END-SURE! Price bump tomorrow and who knows what the snow will look like in a month! https://endracing.com/end-sure

Race Director Mike writes: "I just loaded up the snowmobile to go have a look at the trails and how things are over there. It sounds like that area might get another 6" of snow tonight and tomorrow, so maybe I'll hold off until tomorrow..."

# END-WET June 17

Nine swimmers signed up already, and some others who are looking for local support paddlers. Connect with swimmers at https://forum.marathonswimmers.org/discussion/2337/end-wet-2023 and figure out what your paddle-all-day rate is (we've set the price at $150 in the past).


# Wilderman Triathlon July 15

Ten racers signed up for various flavors, and definitely some on the fence who need a little nudge to start training. https://endracing.com/wilderman

We're looking for aid station volunteers for the hours that work for you, so hit up https://endracing.com/volunteer or https://www.facebook.com/groups/775365199336508.


Not open yet, but get it on your calendar. https://endracing.com/end-pulse

# Double Feature Oct ?

Back again for another year. https://endracing.com/double-feature


END-WET, Wilderman OPEN! END-SURE soon...

Hey all!

We're back for 2023! Here's the status so far:

We're always looking for folks who want to volunteer. Come help people do hard things. More info at https://endracing.com/volunteer .

Thanks for being part of the club!
- ENDracing crew

Check us out and interact on the socials if that's your thing, or just reply to this email (hello@endracing.com).