2011 END-SPAR finishes with only one "child" fatality*

One of the teams helping rescue an unconscious child during the race

Well, it's over and done with!  27 teams started and all 27 finished - visiting at least all of the mandatory CP's.  Only two teams cleared the course, however - successfully completing all challenges and visiting all of the optional points.  What a race!  There are so many wonderful and inspiring stories that come out of an experience like this - as race director i have a few myself to tell - but i want to hear them all.  Shoot us an email (subject:  2011 endspar) with your team's race report, favorite moment, best checkpoint, high/low point, or any other meaningful aspect of the race you'd like to share, and we'll share 'em on the site.  Full results, videos, pics and the like will be up later in the week.

We're also going to leave the orienteering section of the course up for another month or so and post a link to the maps on here and facebook - so if you're planning on doing the 24, or even END-SPAR again next year, you'll have a chance for a bit more practice.  Do it by bike, do it by foot, do it at night.  As many teams found out on Sunday - it doesn't matter how fast you're going if you don't now where you're going.

Cheers everyone, and great race!!!!

*Keegan, shown above being safely carried across the river, was later dropped by team Labrats and remains un-recovered to this day. 

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