And the second essential Ibex item is....

the El Fito 3/4 length knickers

A few of you took advantage of the deal on Ibex Shak jerseys that we offered as part of our first event in 2012, the ColdAvenger Iceman Triathlon.  We'll be offering a new piece of what forms the Yogaslackers 'essential' AR kit at each race.  What's up for END-SPAR?  Wool bike shorts!

You can choose between the Duo/Seree short (for men/women respectively) or the El Fito 3/4 length knickers.  We'll offer a 20% discount off retail (including tax, shipping AND endracing logo...) for either choice.  Which to choose?  The Duo is a staple for general riding and paired with a good, durable pair of leg-warmers (mine are Ibex of course) will serve well in the toughest AR.  The knickers, however, stand out as better as a single piece in AR - protecting your knees and shins from all the nasty thorns and burrs that some race directors (not me of course, i would never do such a thing!) like to send their racers through.

Wool in general has some advantages over nylon/lycra bike shorts - the thicker weave is more durable, blocks more wind, and keeps you warmer even when wet (and you will, of course, be wet), and dries quickly.  We will place the order with Ibex on April 9th to ensure time for delivery and screen printing, so make sure you email me your intentions before then!

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