A bit of Idaho in video

Jason here (Andy's Twin)....
Just wanted to guest post and wish everyone in the coming race luck.  It was a pleasure to have Andy race with us (GearJunkie/YogaSlackers) for 7 days....and I've put together a little video of some of the highlights and lowlights.  Andy was a total beast out there.  My favorite part of the video is when he explains that he is a shitty biker (lets face it, GF, ND is not a hot-bed for producing technical endurance mountain biking champions) and it is all his new Ellsworth that is getting him through.  In truth he was incredibly impressive on the bike, so much so that I may start dragging a tire around my trails in Oregon.

The story he might not volunteer though is the one about his brief stint as navigator, where he (and we are all at fault for not paying more attention) was trying to lead us to CP 61 and somehow took a wrong turn and over the course of an hour or so led us back to CP 60 in a big loop.  Whoops!

So keep your eye on your compass and stay found!


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