The course and extra shirts

'On the ground' course planning is underway (as opposed to planning via google maps) in earnest - with the location of the first 10 CP's having now been determined. I always start to get excited when i finally get out and actually experience the terrain first-hand that is going to serve up the thrills, spills, and suffering to teams on race day. So far there are three features so notable (to me) that i've given them names - the 'tunnel of green', the 'wall of weeds', and 'bloody socks trail'. Don't be too scared about the last one - it was mainly a result of poor clothing choice on my part, and will only life up to it's name for racers that decide to go with shorts and ankle socks....

I'll keep updating the site with bits about the course to whet your appetites, but need to introduce one caveat at this point about 'trails'. There are lots of great 'trails' around grand forks, but i tend to use this word very loosely. A trail to me means a path which offers some degree of lesser resistance to passage than the surrounding terrain. In an open forest this probably means some sort of rideable single-track. In a field full of head high grasses this might be a barely discernable weakness through the mass of vegitation that is not only unrideable, but actually requires carrying ones bike (assuming of course such a 'trail' was on a bike section....). In other words, trail is used as a relative term. Don't worry though - you don't have to get all the CP's.... and not all of them are difficult..... (i do want it to be fun some of the time).

Lastly - if you want extra shirts (for family, etc) these will be available at our actual cost, but we need to have orders and sizes by next tuesday. I estimate our cost will be somewhere around 10-12 dollars a shirt, but plan for 15 just in case. Cheers everyone!


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