Course Maps: Double Feature Update

Visited with Park Manager and received clarification on trails that can be used for Saturday and Sunday. I'll be composing the route maps tonight and getting them to the Park staff. Permitting requires that new map proposals need to be made for the record. The staff at Turtle River State Park are great to work with. They want this to be a positive and safe experience. When you are at the Park you will see the devastation caused by 20" of wet, heavy snow and 60 mph winds. They will be cutting and clearing areas this fall and next spring.

TOMBED....we have access to more trails than I first anticipated due to the hard work of a few people to clear debris, cut fallen limbs, and generally make the trail a place to ride. Leaves have been removed so the trail surface can dry over the next days. In an attempt to maximize the trail portion there will be changes from previous years. First...a few portions that will be head-to-head. This will occur early on double track. Follow signage and you'll be fine. will need to negotiate fallen trees. Most of these will be a simple carry the bike over. However, one in particular has to be passed on a small section of dirt near the edge of the trail. BE CAUTIOUS! Also, there are fallen tress on sections coming around curves. For at least the first lap don't ride like there is nothing ahead. You may be leaving your bike at the fallen tree while you face plant on the trail. Third...gravel will be an out-and-back. I'm not certain of the distance as of tonight, but it won't be too far.

TRAILS...same as above. The head-to-head and fallen trees shouldn't be an issue. There is grass/dirt along the side of the paved road if you want to remain on something softer. I'm not certain of the need for gravel as of tonight. I will make every effort to stay within the Park. There will be a new portion toward the completion of each loop that will be memorable.

BOTH...I will attempt to stay close to the mileage/loop of previous years. A little less or a little more, but probably nothing too significant. PLUS, I want the IMP runners to get what they paid for!

Facebook event will have more information as it becomes available:

Thank you for your patience ion all of the changes!

Finally, if any of you know David Sears, he deserves a lot of credit for his multiple hours on the trails getting them into good condition. Raking, trimming, sawing, pulling, etc is all part of making this event possible in 2019.

Course maps below:



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