CP tracker and packrafts

END-SPAR racers!  If you're keen to be ranked by CP tracker and have a shot at the free entry into CP tracker nationals, you better mosey on over to CP tracker's website and get your team registered.  It's absolutely free for teams to register and only takes a few minutes.  Once your squad is listed on the site, you can 'add' END-SPAR to your roster - the ranking will happen automatically when we post race results.

Rankings are explained on the site and remember - we'll award the free entry to the top 3 or 4 person coed team based on point totals from both END-SPAR and END-AR.  You'll need 4 people to race in CP tracker nationals, but you'll have some time to figure out a fourth if you only have 3 now.  This 'prize' will be non-transferable and will roll down the rankings until we find a team able to head out East and represent!

Scene from the 2011 Swamp Donkey AR

We've also got some other great races that will be prizes for END-SPAR - an entry into Swamp Donkey Adventure Race, an entries into the MNOC adventure-O, entry into our own END-AR24, and finally entry into the 12 hour 'Bend'-AR, put on by Team Yogaslackers out in fabulous Bend, OR.

Lastly, preliminary forays out onto the course suggest that unless we get some more snow or rain leading up to the race, the river will be pretty low.  This means a couple of things to racers - the 'river walk' section might be a bit easier than we'd hoped (don't worry, we'll make up for it in other areas), and the pack-rafting section might be moved from the turtle river (where if the water is too low it'd be faster to walk than paddle) to the reservoir.  It'll still be an optional section, but significant in terms of time for teams hoping to clear the course, and challenging navigationally as well.  This is good news if you've got those cheap rafts, which - based on the two sections I 'ran' last weekend - could quickly be destroyed by rocks and gravel bars in the bony river.

If you did buy a nice boat though - don't despair - there will be no such concessions for the 24 hour race where regardless of river level, the fastest (and only way) to get through much of the course will be on the Pembina river..... you'll be glad to have a bomb-proof vessel come August.

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