Date change for orienteering/pack-rafting clinic

oops!  sorry....

It's exciting that there is enough going on in Grand Forks that there are occasionally multiple things happening on the same day.  In this case it is the Youth Climbing Competition that both my kids and Jim G's (the other race director) kids have been training and looking forward to.  It's a bummer that we are only catching it now!  We're sorry for the late change and hope that everyone who had planned to attend is still able to come.

Long story short - we've gotta change the date for the orienteering and packrafting clinic by one day.  It'll now be moved to Sunday, May 1st.  We'll begin a bit later than previously scheduled as well to allow folks to have their normal Sunday morning before coming out to join us at Turtle River State park.  You'll need to pay to get into the park on your own - your entry fee covers park entry on race day, but not for the clinic.
Here are the details:
Time:  Sunday May 1st, starting at 12:30 pm 
Where:  Turtle River State Park, meeting at the main park office parking lot
What:  approximately 30-45 minutes of orienteering skills workshop, then an hour in the field practicing what you've learned. at 3 pm we'll head to the river for a 30-45 minute paddle through the park.
Gear:  This is a great way to try out your race gear/clothing.  If you're not sure what to bring, check out the recommended gear list here.  Also try to bring a compass (you'll need one for the race), something to write with and on if you want to take notes.  If you plan on paddling with us bring your boating gear (packraft or equivalent, pump, pfd, and something to paddle with).  Finally, if you want help making the hand paddles, bring a five gallon bucket and hacksaw if you've got it.
Finally, please RSVP if you plan to attend. 
Cheers, and sorry again for any inconvenience!
ENDracing Team

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