Double Feature 2020 - Race Week

It's race week! Here are some things to know:
- Please stay home if you feel sick or have been notified by a state health department that you are a COVID-19 close contact.
- Please try to socially distance as much as possible. Keep in mind that others may have different feelings about what an acceptable distance is with and without a mask/face covering. Give a wide berth when passing on trails.
- It is highly encouraged that racers wear a mask/face covering when checking in.
- It is highly encouraged that spectators and volunteers wear a mask/face covering.
- Try to keep one empty space between vehicles in the parking lot, especially if you will be using your vehicle/parking lot as base camp for the day. You can set up camp/tent for the day in the grass at CCC, but keep 10 feet between camps.
- No food and water will be provided, please bring your own.
- CCC shelter does not have walls or heat, plan accordingly for weather conditions (clothing, warm vehicle, ice house and propane heater, etc.).
- END-TRAILS (running) is Saturday 24 Oct
- END-TOMBED (mtb) is Sunday 25 Oct
- Checkin starts ~7 AM each morning. You will need to sign a waiver to check in and get a number.
- Each vehicle in the park needs to have an annual or daily parking pass. If you don't have one, please either 1) purchase online from the ND State Parks website, 2) purchase from our website (day pass only), or 3) bring exactly $7 in cash.
- Camping is available in the park, please contact TRSP directly for reservations and details.
- Pit toilets are available at CCC, and the north washrooms are open at the campground.
- Results will be pen-and-paper instead of the computer system we've used the last two years, so there may be some delay in updating results on the big board.
Most other information should be in the course book. Contact us with any questions.
See you soon,
ENDracing Crew

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