END-AR 2010 is in the books!

Jason from SDK (overall and 3 person Coed winners) sums it all up.  Photo by Caylan Van Larson

What a great race everyone!  Results are now posted (thanks for your patience) and photos have been circulating on facebook since hours after the race but are now starting to be linked on this site.  We'll continue to add photo albums as we get the links to them, and movies as Jason finishes the editing (the first should be posted tonight, and two more are planned).  We'd love to hear your thoughts about the race - what you loved and what you didn't.  In addition, we welcome race reports from any and all teams (which we'll add links too, with permission, or possibly post them as individual blog entries) and again encourage everyone to show their support for our amazing sponsors.  We had a great time putting this on and felt a tremendous amount of community support all the way from the city administration level right down to the most wonderful, dedicated, and capable volunteers we could ever imagine finding anywhere. Thanks again everyone who came out to challenge themselves up here in the far north prairie - particularly those teams that drove hours and hours to take a chance on a new little race in the middle of adventure racing nowhere (not for long though!).  And as for the local teams..... who knew there were so many bad asses right here in the red river valley?!

Cheers everyone!
ENDracing team

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