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Map to Key locations

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note - zoom out to see canoe drop location.  Location of UND is provided solely for those teams who have rented/reserved canoes from UND (you should know who you are!)

Please pass this on to your entire team, and make sure the you utilize the time before the race the best you can.  This goes a long way to an enjoyable (somewhat) race experience.  Stress out on the course, not getting to the start line!
Race Schedule
Friday, Sept 3rd.
4-7:30 PM  Team Check in at Northern Heights Rock Gym (see map at bottom for all locations) Teams will get course book (good for planning strategy), race numbers and swag bags. Staff will be on hand to answer race questions.
6-7PM  Clinic at Northern Heights Rock Gym.  Members of Team YogaSlackers will cover the following topics:




  • UTM plotting (tips and techniques for quick plotting pre-race and in the field) 
  • Towing Systems
  • Transition area Tactics
Don't miss this clinic if you can help it!  The clinic will be followed by a Q&A where you can ask more specific questions and get the advice of the pros....
5 PM on:  Canoe Drop open.  The canoe drop will be available (unmanned). If you leave your canoes overnight you do so at your own risk. You have the option to do this in the morning as well.  The location is on Private land, however, in the middle of nowhere, and considered very safe.
Saturday, Sept 4th: (All events except canoe drop are at START)
5:30 AM - Canoe Drop opens
6 - 7 AM - Race Check in opens at start line (for teams unable to make it to Friday night)
6 - 7 - Bin drop off for all race teams.  All bins must be labeled with team #.
6:45AM - Map pick up.  It will be good to pick up your map as soon as possible and begin plotting the optional points!  DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!
7:30 - Pre Race meeting  (all teams MUST be present)
8 AM - Race Start
4 -7 PM  Food at finish line
7 PM Awards!








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