END-SPAR 2012 Recap

I'm exhausted.  I hope most of you (END-SPAR racers) are too.  We'll get pictures and results posted as soon as we can - i know as a racer i always think it takes so long for this stuff to happen but as a race director i also understand why - so try to be patient.

I want to congratulate all the racers - it was a tough course - a really tough one - and each of you hopefully took some good memories home.  I didn't get to see too many of you out on the course but welcome any personal highlights you will choose to share with me.  Here are a few of mine -

The two girls from Van-Kirk/Wagner showing back up at the Turtle river HQ after an hour, map in hand, declaring that they just couldn't find any of the points (they'd found one by following another team).  I gave them a three minute navigation primer and some encouragement and sent em back out.  The ended up finding all the points and going on to make the ride all the way to Larimore and back, collecting all the mandatory points, even though it meant arriving back at the finish line 15 minutes late.

The 'girls only club' and their determination with the bear hang.

Following Eschew Obsufication through the bike-whack and watching the struggle on that final hill.

Watching both teams of youth racers take on a physical and mental challenge magnitudes bigger anything they'd attempted before and somehow pushing those little bodies further than they thought possible.

I know this only scratches the surface - i hope the day provided multitudes of gems for each and all.

And finally a special thanks to a tremendously fabulous volunteer crew - you all went completely above and beyond - ENDracing would not be what it is without your dedication.

I'll link to the WDAZ news story tomorrow or the next day and write one more post soliciting some feedback - but until then - get some rest and keep training.  END-AR24 is only 119 days away.



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