END-SPAR photo set

Nothing like a six hour adventure race to get you ready for
prom.  One of our younger racers still smiling and fresh faced
after hours on the go.  Ah, the sweetness of youth!

Wow - what a race!  END-SPAR 2012 was our most competitive event yet with a mass of talent from North of the border coming down to challenge the local and regional crews that were raised on a steady ENDracing diet.  We're still working on all the results (man it's hard to see all those little holes in the muddy wristbands) and will post those as soon as we get em - but in the meantime check out the photo set from roving photographer Wes Peck.  I'm struck by how good looking all our racers are....

And i want to in particular congratulate all the first time racers (although we call our event a 'primer' - the best introduction to something in our eyes amounts to a jump in the deep end) who demonstrated great verve in taking on such a big challenge.  They'll be forces to be reckoned with in the years to come.


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A BIG thanks to Wes Peck for his continuing willingness to take and post END race photos. Wes' photos of this race, like all the others he's been at, tell a great story--the muddy feet in bogs, the determination of racers attempting the unique END mystery challenges, the vast landscapes, and the happy, confused and serious racers' faces. Great job Wes. Thanks.
jim g

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