END-SPAR update - camping, directions, etc etc.

View end-spar 2012 racer directions in a larger map

Here is a link to a map which should get you to the race start in Turtle River State Park (TRSP).  For those arriving Friday night, camping is open but on a first come first served basis (i.e. no reservations).  There are two options - primitive (tent) sites for $10 a night, and RV sites (electrical hookup, etc) for $18 a night.  I'm guessing most racers camping out will choose the primitive sites.

Please Please Please - no rogue camping!  TRSP is super supportive of our events and we want to keep it that way.  Primitive sites are limited to one vehicle and one tent, but up to six people.

Pre-registration is in Grand Forks at the Ski and Bike shop (if anyone can't figure out how to get there using the marvels of the internet, let me know and i'll help you out...) on friday evening - check out the end-spar 2012 racer directions in a larger map" target="_blank">schedule for details.  Preregistration is not mandatory but is highly encouraged - the fewer teams we have to 'process' on race morning the more likely we are to start on time!

I was out on the course today and it felt a little too easy so i took the liberty of making it just a tad harder.    Make sure you thank me next saturday.

Cheers everyone.

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