The END-WET 2019 Guest Swimmer is...

Photo modified from one by Sarah Jean Condon,

Bridgette Hobart Janeczko!

Bridgette and her husband Bob, who will be her support paddler at END-WET. Photo from

Bridgette is joining us all the way from New Jersey, where in 2018 she became the first person to swim the perimeter of Lake Hopatcong, the state's largest lake (she points out that it was actually 25.3 miles). She's done a lot more swimming than that--Triple Crown member, 24-Hour-Club member, and more--and in 2015 swam all 11 of New York's major and minor Finger Lakes. She swims and race directs for charity, and in 2015 was recognized as World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

Bridgette will give a talk to swimmers, volunteers and spectators on the Friday evening before the race and we hope you’ll help us welcome her to North Dakota. 

Welcome Bridgette! 


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