END-WET and Wilderman: Canceled for 2020

Hey all you WET and Wild(erman) fans!
This isn't a message we've ever wanted to write or have ever anticipated having to write, but we're canceling END-WET and Wilderman for 2020. There are a lot of frequently used statements about closely monitoring the ever-changing situation and striving to make the safe and responsible choice, but in reality this just sucks. It doesn't feel like we have any other choice at this point due to all the uncertainty that surrounds this virus. These races have people from all over the country making travel plans and training for two of the hardest and craziest races in the country.
Like many other canceled races, we aren't in a position to offer a full refund. However, since this is a hobby for us (we all have normal jobs) we can offer you four options:
  1. Transfer your entry in END-WET or Wilderman to the same race in 2021 and no additional cost to you, we would love to see you next year when we’re on the other side of this pandemic.
  2. Transfer 75% of the entry fee to another race we offer, when we offer them. Likely the only 2020 races will be END-CHIP and the Double Feature in October…if we are able to hold them.\
  3. Refund 50% of entry fee.
  4. Refund 0% and the $ will support future races.
Please let us know which option you prefer by emailing us at hello@endracing.com. When you let us know your option, please also provide the best address and your shirt size so we can send you an exclusive “ENDracing – quarantined” shirt.
Please be patient with us as we navigate this, we’re not used to this type of thing either.
Lastly, we cannot wait to see you and suffer with you again. In the meantime… be well. Stay safe. Live, love, run, ride, swim, crawl, create, and enjoy all the things that you have.
ENDracing team
Joel, Beek, Tim and Don

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