END-WET attracts more crazy people

I got a call yesterday from Dan Projansky, an insurance broker and banker from Chicago.  He wants to come swim in our 26+ mile jaunt down the Red River in July.  While I'm super excited that our event seems to be attracting attention within the open water swimming community, i'd started getting used to the calls and emails, which seem to be trickling in nearly once a day.  Turns out there arent' that many open water swims of this distance out there, and possibly none at the price we're charging - only $200 for solo swimmers (a similar distance race in NY harbour costs upwards of $1K per swimmer!) - and maybe there are more crazy people out there than we thought too. 

Dan Projansky 'flying' through a 10K open water swim back in 2010

Dan, however, is extra special crazy, as he intends to attempt the full distance doing Butterfly.  Yeah, that's right, butterfly.  How crazy is this?  Well consider this - the longest freestyle race in the Olympics is 6.2 miles - roughly a third of the distance solo swimmers will be covering in END-WET (if you factor in the current speed).  The longest butterfly race?  200 meters, or 1/8 of a mile.  Yikes!  And for even good swimmers, 200 meters of butterfly is pretty brutal.  Dan will be trying to go nearly 150 times this far before his day is over.  I can't wait to watch.

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