END-WET Feedback

Well, the inaugural event is over!  It exceeded my expectations in every regard, from the support from the official communities involved (city governments, sheriffs and fire departments), the sponsors, the volunteers, the media attention, the spectators, and of course the athletes!
Despite the fact that it was a great success, here are a few of the improvements we'd like to make for next year.....
1) Dedicated finish line tent.  
2) PA system at finish line announcing swimmers as they come in and providing music.
3) Race clock at finish line
4) Van that provides on the hour shuttle service from Oslo to Grand Forks starting with first finishers.  
We welcome other suggestions and racer feedback.  Here's some of the comments so far.....
I've done many events in my athletic " career " and I have to say that Andy ranks right up with one of the best race directors I ever had. It was an honor to be part of that July 21st end wet event.
 --Daniel "Mr. Butterfly" Projansky (solo swimmer)
Just wanted to say thank you to Andy and Rob for putting together the best race this area has ever seen. Everything from the first practice swim right through the award ceremony was fantastic. And thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and others who helped out.
--Scott Jensen, Grand Forks, ND (solo swimmer)
Thank you for introducing me to my potential. I had no idea what this adventure racing and endurance stuff was 3 years ago. Now I can't get enough.  I've learned a lot about myself along the lines of your various bloggings. I'm definitely still a novice, but I think doing your races have been the best learning experiences of my life.
--Joe Vacek, Grand Forks, ND (solo swimmer)
The race exceeded my expectations by miles. I truly enjoyed the challenge and am happy that I finished it faster than I had thought.  It was perfectly organised thanks to both of you and I'm sure will grow into s/th much bigger. 
--Tobias Frenz, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (solo swimmer)
Thanks a ton for your efforts with END-WET.  I will be back next year with a few additional boats filled with friends.
--Steve Cassola, Fargo, ND (solo kayaker)
Race Report from Leonard Jansen, solo swimmer:  http://www.marathonswimmers.org/forum/discussion/187/end-wet-review-
Putting on this event has been a definite highlight of my burgeoning 'career' as a race director of 'extreme' events.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in making it so!

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