ENDracing goes to Duluth

I'm heading to Duluth as the fourth person on team "Finding Ourselves Lost" - comprised of Pat White, Jim Grijalva, and Tammy Magness.  This is the team that came in second in the coed category (behind SDK) at END-AR two weeks ago (where their name was GMW).  Since SDK wasn't able to attend the 24 hour race which starts this friday, they graciously rolled the free entry to GMW.  In a moment of strange post race bliss Tammy actually decided to do the 24 hour race with Pat and Jim (who'd long wanted to do a 24) despite having already paid for a yoga workshop up in Winnipeg over the same weekend.  More surprisingly, she said that she wanted me to do the race too, even though we've long suspected that we would make terrible race partners.  It'll be interesting for sure!



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