Getting noticed

It's a good thing all the local teams have had a few years to practice, because they may have to start bringing their "A" game to future races - ENDracing is starting to get some attention from the wider AR world - veteran teams from further afield may start showing up at the start line.....

Here is a piece from - have a read and if you're one of those folks racing on a Huffy in converse and cotton, have a bit of local pride.
And here is a something from Checkpointtracker - home of the national AR series of which the 24 hour race this fall will be a part.  
And below is a little movie that will start appearing in local theaters (River cinema) in late summer, which will hopefully get a bit of buzz going as well.  
Finally - we're going to start profiling some of the local teams that have been with us for a few races - so stay tuned to see who's who in AR up in the far north.

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