Ground UP Adventures

 So in case you don't know, we do more than just put on races here in the Red River Valley.  In fact, most of the folks involved in ENDracing are also involved in a 501c3 non-profit called Ground UP adventures with a mission of getting area youth involved in adventure based activities.  In fact, all the profits (when there are any) from all ENDracing events are donated to Ground UP in support of this mission. 

Check out the website here or click on the link on the menu bar above to learn more about the organization and what it's doing.  And if you've got kids - check out the upcoming youth adventure racing camp - four days of skills building in early june for 11-14 year olds.  Get 'em psyched to compete with you in END-SPAR next year, or just excited about being outdoors.  Spaces in the camp are limited to 16 students and registration is now open.  Scholarships are available. 

And please pass this information on to whomever you think might want to be involved.  Cheers.

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