Happy New Year!

Hope the first few weeks of 2011 has been good to everyone!  Things here in Grand Forks are white and cold, just like expected!
[Note: The following paragraph was accurate at the time it was written, but the relationship between ENDracing and GUP has since changed--they are two distinct entities, but all profits from ENDracing still go to GUP at the end of the year.  2014-12-13]
The exciting news for us is that as of January 3rd, 2011, ENDracing is officially a trade name of the larger organization, GroundUP Adventures (GUP)- now a registered not for profit company in the state of North Dakota.  It's the first step in a long journey to develop (essentially from the 'ground up') a thriving adventure based activities hub for the upper great plains.  After finding our way through  the mound of paperwork required to receive federal recognition as a non-profit, we're hoping to get the ball rolling this spring and start looking for funding for some ambitious local projects, including a boat house for the Red River.  'Luckily', I'm now officially done with grad school (and thus unemployed) and able to devote my full 'professional' energies to ENDracing and GUP.  We've got a few great folks lending their talents to the cause but can always use more help (in particular on the accounting side of things) and local participation, so if you've got an interest in being involved, or just want to be kept in the loop, just shoot an email to me at groundupadventures@gmail.com.
On the ENDracing front - planning for the Iceman triathlon is in full swing.  We've got more sponsors on board -Swiftwick (custom armwarmers for all racers - seen in the picture to the left), SurlyIbexBlue Moose,SurefootInov-8 - and are amassing a huge prize pool not to be missed!  We'll once again have prizes for fastest male and female through each section, as well as the glacier awards - a little something special for those stalwart individuals who bring in the rear.  Early registration ends on Jan 31st, but register by the 27th of January to ensure that you get the custom armwarmers, as the production cycle for the top quality 200 thread count sleeves requires a bit of lead time.  Racers registering after the 27th (up until mid February) will still get regular armwarmers however.
We're planning to have the course maps up on the website, as scheduled, by the end of the month.  We'll also get out and lightly mark the course at that time (early february), and be hosting several course previews of the individual sections for those with a desire to pre-run the course.  Check out the facebook page and/or the ENDracing website for more details.
Finally, don't forget the other local events that serve as perfect training opportunities for the iceman - the Frozen Feat 5K and 10K and the Bikecicle Icebike race.  In fact, these are both on the same day (Feb. 13) so its the perfect brick training day!
See you in the snow -
ENDracing Team

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