Ibex Gear for END-AR 24 (for racers only!)

Men's Echo T in Cherry Bomb red

END-AR24 racers!!!  We're a bit late in the game this time around, but as they say, better late than never.  If you want to take advantage of our great support from Ibex and pick up an ENDracing logo'd Echo T, a great top for warm weather racing, or just hanging out, shoot me an email or comment on the facebook link with your order - check out the mens here and the womens here.  Sizes may be limited, but we'll do what we can.  We need to order these by Thursday, August 9th to have time to get them printed by the race.

Price for the logo'd pieces is $45 bucks - quite a bit off of normal retail (of $80) and even less than their current sale price of $50 bucks.  We'll bring them to the race and hand em out then!


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