Yes you can!

where oh where are all the hard-women of our community?  Have they all gone away, looking for tougher challenges?  Its not even going to be that cold this year!!!

Come on ladies!!! Last year there were eight of you that braved -20 degree temps to toe the starting line in the solo category.  And I'm betting its going to be a full 40 degrees warmer come 9am on Feb 25th this year....

Don't let the guys have all the fun! Besides, right now only one of the two gals signed up as a Yeti (or Yeti-ess?) also did the frozen feat - the first race in the winter series.  If she doesn't get more competition from some of the other competitors that ran last weekend she's going to be sooooo bored on race day!  And speaking of the frozen feat - that race was cold - and since my gut tells me we're going to be putting on a duathlon - it also served as damn good training!

Lets get registered girls!

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