Iceman early registration and Ibex gear offer for racers!

Iceman Hydroflask!

ColdAvenger's Iceman triathlon early-bird registration ends on Dec 31st!  Besides saving five bucks on entry, early-bird registrants are guaranteed a custom hydroflask water bottle (that retails at 24 bucks!).  Sure, later registrants (those registering on or before February 10th) will get a water bottle too - but only early bird folks get one with the cool ColdAvenger Iceman Tri logo that will let others know you've taken on the challenge without you having to say a word.  Register now so you don't miss out!

IBEX GEAR!!!  In other news, we're partnering with Ibex (makers of fine merino wool clothing) to offer a unique custom piece of what we at ENDracing feel is 'essential gear' for each of this seasons races.  Each piece will be printed with graphics relative to one of our events, and offered at a substantial savings over retail.  These items are ONLY offered to registered racers - so if you participate in all of our events this year you can be fully outfitted by next halloween, save a bundle, and be a walking billboard for the best and baddest of adventure based endurance races in the upper midwest.  Here's how it works -

men's Shak jersey
  1. register for our race(s).  
  2. click here to get the specs on the piece we're offering and figure out your size
  3. click the here to send an email to endracing and let us know what size you need - we'll add you to the list
  4. Send us a check for the amount listed (we'll email you the address). The check must arrive no later than three weeks before the event, unless other arrangements are made (like that we know you and that you'll be good for it)
  5. We'll bring your gear to the event, or if you are local we'll let you know when it arrives and arrange for you to get it.
Here's the list of what to expect (subject to change, but gives you an idea)...
  • ColdAvenger Iceman triathlon - Shak Jersey (Black)  Retail price: 135   ENDracing price: 110 
  • END-SPAR - Duo Short
  • END-WET - Balance T
  • END-AR - Leg warmers
  • END-TOMBED- Tuck Jacket

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