Iceman Registration Open AND CH 2 of END-AR24 video!

Yeah, this post is chock full of goodies!  To begin with (as advertised) registration for the ColdAvenger Extreme North Dakota Iceman Triathlon, presented by Due North is NOW OPEN!  Just visit the END-IT page to sign up.  We're going with a bit different format this year for the registration process in an effort to keep prices right where they were last year.  Make sure you have fun answering the questions!

Presenting sponsor Due North's traction aids
will keep you slip free all winter

Hydroflask will keep your
beverage piping hot during
winter bike rides

Early registration prices will be available until the end of the year (through Dec 31st), so sort out your team now.  Swag this year is going to include traction aids from presenting sponsor Due North as well as a custom double walled water bottle from Hydroflask.  This is the best water bottle you'll ever own (unless you buy another Hydroflask) - and we're going to recommend you put it right to use during the race.  This baby will keep hot cocoa hot for 8-10 hours even when left outside in a snowbank, and it'll  fit in your bike bottle're gonna love em!  We're working to offer some super cool special deals to racers as well (from ColdAvenger of course, Ibex, etc) so stay tuned.

Finally, check out the second chapter of our movie that gives an inside look at the first edition of END-AR24, the toughtest race in North Dakota.

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