Looking Towards 2011

Even though the racing season is over for us at ENDracing, we're already back out there trying to get things started towards a great 2011.  Committee meetings for the Iceman Triathlon have commenced (check the website for current info) and we're looking to improve everything about the event and have double the number of participants this year.  The spring adventure race is already half planned (lots of great stuff in store - including a new mystery challenge, awesome mountain biking, our tallest climbs yet, and yes, more pack-rafting!!!!) and I've just secured the venue for the 24 hour fall race.  Additionally, we're going to be starting a non-profit organization this fall with the mission of building an infrastructure for adventure based activities in the Grand Cities (ENDracing will be an arm of this organization).  Some of our long term plans (pipe dreams at the moment perhaps, but you've gotta start somewhere) involve building a boat house and starting a canoe/kayak racing club on the Red River/Red Lake River; developing a mt. bike trail system along the Turtle River between Turtle River State Park and Larimore Dam recreation area (site of future ENDracing 24 hour bike races I'm sure!), offering a youth 'adventure camp' during the summer which culminates with a family-friendly,  orienteering race on a semi-permanent O-course along the Greenway.  On the racing end, I'm hoping to be able to add (at some future date) a marathon downriver canoe event, the above mentioned mt. bike race, and possibly a middle distance (<50 miles) Ice-Bike race to the schedule so that those adventure addicted folks in the region would have a high quality adventure based race every other month.  Sounds awesome doesn't it!?  One step at a time, one step at a time.....

And good news for those folks local to the area who are craving even more excitement - it sounds as thought the guys and gals from UND Cycling are putting together a cyclocross series on three consecutive weekends starting at the end of this month.  Look for a link to the info coming soon on the ENDracing site.  


ENDracing Team