Meet Nicole

We've started to get a few single racers interested in signing up for the race - ok, actually only one - but since we make it a mission to let everyone who wants to suffer (in a good way, really!) have a chance to do so, we thought we'd better start getting things in place for matching up single racers. So let me introduce Nicole. She's a newbie who just saw the race on the midwest events calendar and is dying to try it. Although she's never raced before, she's an experienced triathlete and half-marathoner, and says that endurance is definitely her forte. In fact, here's her exact quote:

"I've never done a race like this but if I have a strength it is endurance, not overly fast, but can go for a long time."

I promised Nicole we'd hook her up, so if anyone is looking for a female who's confident that she can go the distance just let me know and i'll put you in touch. Seems like this is a great opportunity for a team of two guys to grab her and graduate into the premiere category and compete for the cash prize! (oops, did i just mention a cash prize? Guess we'll have to go through with it now...)

Disclaimer: Any resemblance that Nicole may or may not bear to the above photo is purely coincidence, as it is not actually a photo of her! bonus points if anyone can tell me who it is though!


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