Monday Night Musings: Double Feature Update

Monday Night Musings...when life gives you ground coffee and hot water under extreme pressure.....make espresso!

Today I was able to see in person the devastation that snow and high winds created in Turtle River State Park. Fallen trees, numerous branches both on the ground and hanging from splintered trunks, flowing water, and uprooted tress dotted the trails. HOWEVER....some of each event will be on trails!

TOMBED will not be able to access as much of the trail as the runners. However, there will be more trail riding than I first anticipated. The exact mileage has yet to be determined, but I'm hoping for at least 4 miles on trail. The surface is firm. Bikers will have areas to dismount to get over or under fallen tress. There will be leaves and no doubt some slippery spots. careful. Also, there will be a significant water crossing. It should lessen by Saturday, as no precipitation is in the forecast. As of today it was about 16" deep (for a couple feet) and maybe 15' from bank to bank. There were also stretches of snow on portions of the trail. If more trail can be made usable by Saturday you'll be on it. The gravel will be an out + back heading north and east from near the park entrance. Veterans will know it from when we used the old bridge to cross the Turtle River.

TRAILS will get more trail adventure than first thought. However, you'll be bushwhacking for small sections, climbing, crawling, going through water, etc. I also have an added section that will make for more challenge. I am hopeful that road running will be minimal. At this time I do not anticipate that you will need to leave the Park. Overall the trail surface is firm. Some slick spots and copious amounts of leaves. Some of the leaves will be taken off the trail by Sunday. Some of your tails will not be used by bikers on Saturday due to all of the tress, branches, etc that cannot be removed before the weekend. Trail shoes with good grip will be essential.

Registration/check-in will be at See Dick Run on Friday evening from 5-7pm. The store is located at: 3750 32nd Ave S in Grand Forks.

Also, daily Park passes will be available at registration on Friday or when you check-in on Saturday or Sunday. The pass is good for 1 day. You do not need to stop at the visitor's center to get a pass.

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