no rest for the wicked

My knee is still swollen.  my appetite is still ravenous.  I'm still sleepy all the time.  but can i sleep?  nope.... i've got an adventure race to plan!

things are going well on that front - and they'll perhaps be a little easier, as i learned in idaho that i don't need to be such a softy.  Don't worry, i'm not going to make the course harder, but i'm also not going to give in to some of the impulses that i'd been feeling (and suggestions i'd been getting) to make it easier.  I'm not going to go out and mark important intersections with flagging to help you make the correct turn.  I'm not going to change the start time to eliminate any possibility of semi-technical biking at night.  You'll just have to follow the advice printed on the the wristband given to all the Idaho Expedition racers, and "suck it up princess".

Idaho was good for me because it renewed my own belief in the good that comes from overcoming extreme challenges. Now extreme is different for everyone, and this race may prove too extreme for some - but this shouldn't be seen as a negative.  The pole vaulter can't always clear the bar - falling just short can be as motivational (or more so) than clearing it by a mile.  And if you do clear it by a mile?  well good for you.  I hope to see you in Idaho next year.

See everyone in a few days!

PS - don't forget coffee mugs if you want sat. morning coffee, towels (for after race showers) and flip flops!  Also, the river is a bit low..... this will make for an interesting race, as there may be a fair bit of strategy involved in when to paddle and when to trek along the river banks...... teams that have figured out how to paddle quickly may take the day as the current is only (as of today) averaging around 1.5 mph, less than half of what it was a 5 weeks ago.... good stuff!


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