Notes from the course

Jason here -

First off, I am envious.  Andy has set a phenomenal and challenging course - with elements that are very much outside the scope of "normal" adventure races.  Daniel and I ran the whole course yesterday and are pleased to say that it is possible for fast, smart, strong teams to clear the course within the 10 hr time limit.

A few suggestions based on yesterday:

  1. Everyone take a metal spoon.  Seriously.  Use it to quickly scrape off "death star balls" when they stick to every part of your body.  
  2. Everyone take a permanent marker/pen, and keep it dry.  If it gets wet, it is hard to write down the checkpoint words.  
  3. long pants, long sleeves and bug spray (unless you like mosquito bites).  Thin baselayers (tights, armwarmers, tight shirts - these are all easy for bugs to bite through.  Looser fitting pants or shirt will provide better bug protection.  Tights however are more durable for bushwhacking - so make your own call.  
More tonight....

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