numbers and another update

your team numbers are now on the team list

Bins - an executive decision by race guru jason has been made to change the rule about what could be left in bins for the packraft section.  you still only get one 20 gallon bin but pack it with whatever you want - you can leave whatever you want in it when you head out of this TA without penalty.  This was done so teams can put extra clothes/food, etc in there, which for new teams might be nice because they'll have no idea what to expect!  careful packing is still key though because it's only a 20 gallon bin after all.  Once again, life jackets don't have to fit in the bin, but can be put in a sack or tied/clipped/bundled together and labelled with team number.

swag bags are full and only going to get more full, with an extra bonus for female racers.

Canoes - if you're listed as having a canoe reserved for you from either UND or Crookston, please note that race staff will not be responsible for picking them up, etc.  I've reserved the canoes - now it's up to you!  UND pickup is only open until 5pm on friday - don't be late or you can't get your boat!  Crookston stays open a bit later i believe.

That's it for now!


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