Packraft section set

Jim here. Last weekend, my daughters helped me set the raft control points (RPs) for SPAR’s packraft section. Here’s Rosa at RP 1 and Carmen at RP 2.

The water level is good right now and the current moves along well without being pushy (if pushy is possible in a ND river). The water is still pretty cold, though, so give some thought to the clothing you want for this section (No cotton). Barring catastrophe, you should stay reasonably dry—at this level you can get all 3 RPs without leaving your boat, although you might slip off a log getting around the several logjams. While you’re portaging, keep your toes away from these dudes:

This guy’s shell was at least 12” long, and we saw 5 others, all as big. It was like turtle river, um, er, I mean, it was like a river full of turtles. Be careful out there.


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