Packrafts for sale!!!

The 2012 Alpacka fleet

All boats are SOLD!

Many racers who have done one or more of our adventure races in the past are hooked and know they will be doing every event we offer.  Of this group, some of you have expressed interest in getting alpacka rafts - knowing that they'll last for years. Please keep in mind that although alpacka rafts represent the most durable option, they are pricey!  lots of teams have used cheaper (sometimes drastically so!) alternatives with great success.  yeah, it's unlikely that that $10 intex boat you buy from amazon will last more than one or two of our races, but lets be honest - your shoes and socks might not last more than one or two of our races either!  Anyway, for those of you interested in the alpackas, read on....

Alpacka has signed on as a major sponsor of our events again this year and will be donating two of the 2010 model alpacka rafts for us to give away (one at each of the adventure races).  In addition, we've made a deal with them that allows us to purchase new boats and gear at 10% off of retail (the best deal anyone gets as they don't use distributors in order to keep end costs as low as possible for the consumer).  We're willing to pass on this full savings to registered racers that want to order new boats.

In addition, we've got the exclusive rights to sell the last remaining 2010 model boats.  These are all NEW boats, but without the 'big butt' design that was launched in 2011.  The big butt is an improvement over the previous design in terms of tracking and stability in serious whitewater.  That said, i've been doing serious whitewater and having epic adventures in my own boats since 2005 and have yet to upgrade to the new design.  The old design is just as bombproof and functional as the new one... and if budget is your main concern (you'll save 100 bucks or so on the old model craft) then you'll want to consider one of these.  Here's whats left:

Available 2010 model alpackas
2 undecked alpackas - $670 ea - both SOLD
2 decked alpackas - $770 ea - both SOLD
1 decked yak - $770 - SOLD
1 decked denali Llama - $770 - SOLD
1 double duck (undecked) - $750 - SOLD

as far as recommended craft?  the scout is still my favorite one person boat for AR, and the cheapest option at $550 new (under 500 with 10% off).  however, since AR is a team sport where speed of travel is important, many teams have success with bigger boats and doubling up.  The denali llama (or yak, or even the alpacka, depending on racer size), with practice, can be a great alternative boat that is able to effectively transport two racers on many types of water (all you're likely to see in our races).  And it can also then be used as a single person craft for non-race situations (lake fishing, serious whitewater, etc.).  Honestly, you really can't go wrong.  My one acrossed the board recommendation is to consider carefully whether you want a 'decked' boat - for most AR purposes the deck probably isn't needed, and if you later decide you want to add a deck, Nancy at the alpacka workshop will happily put one on for you, for the same price it would have cost you in the first place. 

There you go! If you want one of the 2010 boats, let me know - first come first served.  if you want a new boat, send me an email with the details and i'll place the order.  They've got stock on hand so orders will likely show up within 5-7 business days.


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