Powerful Initials - END-TICK Cancellation

It is interesting how acronyms impact our lives. They can be time saving and fun (lmao, fwiw, tmi) or embarrassing (DNS, DNF in sporting events) and even frightening (COVID-19). Acronyms are symbolic shorthand which express layers of meaning. The events of ENDracing often consist of fun acronyms (SURE, WET, TOMBED), yet what is important to the directors of ENDracing events are people. We want people to push perceived personal limits. We want to provide hospitality and a feeling of community. Encircling all of this we want to provide an environment which maintains safety while minimizing apparent dangers. In assessing sources of reliable information both scientific and medical, I along with my ENDracing colleagues made the decision to cancel END-TICK for 2020.

I often feel invincible in the midst of this pandemic. I haven't been ill in years, maybe decades. Runny nose, feeling a bit blah occasionally in the past, but nothing that stopped me from daily activities. Like many I have run on blistered feet, toenails have come off while removing socks, frostbitten extremities have been noted, hallucinations from fatigue, and dehydration have all been a part of endurance events. With all of these badges to prove my stamina, what is a little pandemic? We are tough. We can endure. We are unstoppable.

It is that type of unchecked self-talk that causes untold injury (physical, emotional, spiritual) to one's self and others for a long time. My desire is for all of us to be safe, resilient, and to enjoy life. Cancelling a gravel bike event is small stuff in the total scheme of life, IMO.

Get out and ride! Challenge the grandiose self-talk which builds the belief of invulnerability. Wash hands. Keep distance. Encourage others to do the same. COVID-19 has and will destroy lives and relationships. In this pandemic I would rather have a DNS next to my name than a DNF.

END-CHIP is still scheduled for October 10th!

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