Radio silence

I head out tomorrow at an 'alpine start' hour to catch a plane in Fargo, enroute to Spokane, the nearest major airport to race HQ for Expedition Idaho, a 7 day expedition style adventure race.  I'll return (fingers crossed) on Sunday evening.  During that time I'll be unable to answer phone calls or emails, but will have someone somewhat familiar with the race checking the email regularly.  He may not be able to take care of everything, but he'll do his best and give me a big list of items that need my attention when i return - i'll try to follow up with everyone/anyone by the tuesday of race week at the latest.  This being said, there are a few general items that should be made clear at this time:
  • Registration for teams will close after 7 pm on Wednesday, August 24.  I leave for the race site on Thursday morning and will need to know by that time the full field.  Payment either by check or paypal needs to be made by this time if you want to race.  
  • The Team list is now up (sorry it's taken so long) on the race page.  Teams that are listed as "pending" have confirmed their intent to take on the toughest race in the state, but have not yet put their money where their mouth is!
  • Swag has been ordered.  Only the first 60 registered racers will be getting all of the swag.  
  • There has been a lot of discussion about what constitutes a 'cross bike' for this race, and so we have come to a decision as an organization to define cross bike by the tire size.  Because cyclocross races typically require a maximum tire size of 32 mm, we will require a MINIMUM TIRE SIZE of 35mm.  We don't care if you have drops, or massive gear ratios - in theory you could show up with a bike that is by all measures a mountain bike that had these features.  The defining feature of a cross bike, as we see it, that gives it a speed advantage over a mountain bike on certain terrain, is that of tire size.  Feel free to disagree - but that is our position for this race.  That being said, the advantages cross bike riders might have on one section of our course might be negated by a later section, where rough terrain and ruts will be more likely to taco the thinner wheels of the cross bike.  If you decide to show up and ride a cross bike without modifying it with 35mm or greater tires, your team may be assessed a time penalty!


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