To ski or not to Ski

Yep, ColdAvenger masks can be sexy....

That is the question.....

And it is still up in there air.  After weeks without snow, there is actually some in the forecast leading up to the ColdAvenger Iceman.  Will it be enough?

Here is where things stand - right now there is NOT enough snow for a good ski course.  All the snow is gone along the bike path and the coverage is spotty at best in the forested areas.  If we only get a trace of the white stuff, we'll go with the alternate run course (which is pretty sweet!) to start the race.

If we get the 3-4 inches at the upper end of the forecast and it sticks around, we'll try to piece together a ski course.  I know there are those among you rooting for both options - we'll do our best to keep the skiing around, but are confident everyone will have a good time regardless.

and the good news is, it looks like you'll still be sledding (:


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