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We love our sponsors, we really do. Not only do they help make our races a great value by donating lots of cool gear for us to give away, but the stuff they make is the best stuff out there.
In this age of Facebook, showing your appreciation is easy!  Just cruise on over to their facebook sites and "like" them.  Then, if you already use their gear, let them know or give them feedback on it.  And of course make sure to thank them for their support of our events!
Here is a quick look at some of our top sponsors and what you can look forward to at END-AR24...
GearJunkie.com - GJ.com is run by Stephen Regenold.  This guy is the real deal - a top adventure racer and all around endurance athlete.  GearJunkie.com provides daily tips, gear advice and reviews, and keeps the pulse of the nation's adventure scene.  Reading the GJ daily dose blog is my favorite work time diversion!
Alpacka Raft - Maker of the best pack-rafts ever.  In recent years several companies have tried to go head to head against these guys but no one comes close.  There may not be enough water to use the boats this year, but some lucky racer will win one after the race!
FrostFire - Frostfire is our host location again this year.  A great and friendly location with spectacular views!  Plan to come back next winter for some skiing!!
Ellsworth - Our bike sponsor.  I ride an Ellsworth and love it.  Awesome high end bikes.  Big supporter of our efforts and the efforts of other grassroots organizations.
Inov-8 - Makers of the shoes and packs I've used exclusively for the last 5 years of racing.  Some lucky racers will be going home with their own shoes and pack!
Swiftwick - YaHoo!  All racers get a pair of custom ENDracing swiftwick socks... the best socks ever!
Numa - unbreakable sunglasses in cool styles.  One pair will be raffled off at END-AR 24!
Ibex - Polypro is stinky and environmentally destructive.  Join the wool revolution.  Ibex makes the best performance merino wool clothing ever!
Ski and Bike shop - the best bike shop in Grand Forks!
Dakota Harvest Bakery - DHB as we affectionately call them make the best cookies in town (possibly the world).  My favorite are the bittersweet chocolate and sea-salt.  We'll do our best to see that one will be waiting for you somewhere in the middle of the night right before you descend back into the grim depths of the gorge.  Doesn't that sound nice?
The City of Walhalla - The city of Walhalla will be sponsoring a CP deep into the race.  Cold Drinks and goodies to lift your spirits and provide much needed energy.

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