Sponsor Love

I want to formally thank all of our sponsors (if you get a chance, make sure you thank them too!)  We have a ton of great support both from the community and even some national companies:

ColdAvenger, our title sponsor, is a perfect fit for our race.  They make the best facemask for cold weather that exists - I've used it during the Arrowhead Ultra where temps reached 40 below without wind chill, and on the Frozen Otter Ultra trek, a 100 K trail run through frozen Wisconsin in January.  They are generous doners to the event, providing cash to help keep your race fees insanely low as well as over $2000 worth of product.  Thanks guys!

Due North by Surefoot is our presenting sponsor.  These guys are local and will be out en-masse along the run course - so make sure and give em a high five as you go by.  Not only did they kick in some cash, but they've also donated a pair of their traction aids (so much better than yak trax!) for every racer -and many of you may even opt to wear em... its been warm enough to get a little melting but will be cold race morning.  Icy conditions - perfect for traction aids.

Dakota Harvest is back this year with an amazing contribution - there will be all sorts of goodies - bread, hummus and other goodies at pre-registration tomorrow night, coffee and breakfast treats on race day morning, and plenty of their famous soup, bread, and my favorite - chocolate chunk and sea salt cookies.  If i wasn't directing this thing, i think i'd sign up just for the food.  So next time you stop in to Dakota Harvest make sure you pass on your thanks to Paul, the owner - its because of him you'll be eating so well after all your hard work saturday.

We'd also like to thank Ski and Bike shop for being the place to go for bikes in Grand Forks, and for hosting the preregistration, Happy Harry's for providing the perfect accompaniment to Dakota Harvest food and ensuring pre-registration is a good time for all, and Surly for making the best winter toy you can buy, and giving us one (a frame and wheelset anyway) to give away at the race.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the little but important local sponsors who helped put together a great prize package for the event - Hydroflask, Blue Moose, Plains Chiropractic, River Cinema, BeMobile, and Dave Nord.  And of course, the wonderful cities of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks!

If i've forgotten anyone - it wasn't on purpose - i can barely keep my head on straight!  but things are coming together well.... getting excited!

Cheers -
Team ENDracing


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