Spring is for Growing!

There's so much to include in this newsletter but I'll try to keep it simple and short and just include links to all the cool stuff we've been up to.
Our spring race (END-SPAR) has come and gone - 27 teams came out to turtle river state park and it was an epic day - with many teams finishing in the last few minutes before the cut-off.  Congrats go out to Team Awesome Express for the awesome teamwork and perseverance they exhibited, allowing them to be one of only two teams to clear then entire course and nab top prize.  You can check out the full results and photos from the race at the race page, or just have a look at the video to see what you (shouldn't have) missed, if you weren't there.
Part of the course (the O-course) has been left up to allow local teams to practice their navigation all summer - get the maps and get going.
In other racing news, registration for END-AR - the "toughest race in North Dakota", is now open.  The event is part of the CP tracker series - register and get more information about this event HERE.
We've been busy on the non-racing front too - Ground UP adventures, ENDracing's parent non-profit organization [Note, ENDracing and GUP are now two separate organizations. 2014-12-13], now has an official website (thanks Beek!).  We've got big goals and lots of projects afoot, so make sure to check it out and see what our plans are so you don't miss anything.  We're building a 'store' into the site as well, which will continue to develop over the coming weeks - it's chock full of all the stuff we and Team Yogaslackers use for our racing (including used pack-rafts!), and most purchases will save you money and help us fund our activities too.
Finally, we're moving towards two newsletters - one for ENDracing and one for Ground UP - the ENDracing newsletters will be focused solely on racing and racing related news and developments, while the Ground UP ones will come out quarterly and provide detailed information about our other activities (youth programming, community development, etc).  Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll make sure you're kept up to date on both fronts.
Cheers  -
ENDracing Team
Ground UP adventures

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