Status Update

Beek, Joel, Tim and Don had a little END-ZOOM this evening to discuss upcoming events ... considering the current circumstances we are facing as a planet. The three upcoming races we discussed are END-TICK, END-WET and Wilderman. We are canceling END-TICK at this time (more to come from Tim in the coming days). We are holding out hope that we can still hold the other two events, but we will post more as this pandemic unfolds and determines all of our plans for the coming weeks/months. We will report back as soon as we can be comfortable that hosting any of these races is the safe and responsible (...I get the irony considering these are extreme events) thing to do...or not.
We wish you all well. Please be safe and social distance to the greatest degree you are able. Together we'll get through this.
Cheers from the ENDracing crew!!!
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